Multimodality remote radiology diagnosis specializing in difficult and rare cases

Our services

Remote radiology diagnosis for doctors and medical institutions

Radiology interpretation by a specialist for difficult and rare cases.
We provide radiology reports with multimedia files such as jpg, mp4, etc.

Statement for litigation / Arbitration

unavailable outside Japan

Diagnostic radiology research support

We support the creation of appropriate texts, figures, and legends for doctors and medical professions engaged in diagnostic radiology research.
We will design the imaging protocol for diagnostic radiology research as requested.


Remote radiology diagnosis for doctors and medical institutions

  • On-demand remote radiology diagnosis

    No fixed term contract is required. Our service is available whenever needed. Payment can be made by card or bank transfer. A receipt will be issued immediately to claim expenses.

  • Secure communication system

    A secure communication and payment is provided by Shopify and Box. Images are viewed by OsiriX MD (certified medical devices in JP, USA, EC)

  • Attached multimedia files

    We provide two radiology report files (docx and pdf) attached with multimedia files (mpg, mp4, etc)

  • Various attached images

    We create and present reformatted and three-dimensional images when judged to be needed


Versatile multimedia diagnostic imaging data
Radiology diagnosis report (docx/pdf)

The Radiology diagnosis report is provided as a Word file (.docx) and a PDF file (.pdf).
The reports can be pasted into electronic medical records as text, and the PDF can be printed or stored directly in the DICOM server.

Key image (jpg/mp4)

Key images are provided as image files (.jpg) and, if necessary, as video files (.mp4). The files are provided in a large and informative format to help illustrate conditions of diseases

Supports MPR and 3D images

The upload limit is 10GB. Row data (or volume data) can be uploaded. In addition to MPR and simple 3D images, we create key images to depict three-dimensional structures and distances.


Executive diagnostic radiologist

Career; 25+ years
Experience; A total of over 300,000 cases including CT, MRI, and PET-CT (including over 10,000 cases of PET-CT)
of all areas, mainly in remote radiology diagnosis.


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