Diagnostic radiology research support


We support the creation of figures, annotations and legends for doctors and medical professionals engaged in diagnostic radiology research.We design imaging protocols at the beginning of diagnostic radiology research.

If you are in the following situation; I want to use radiology images in research presentations and papers, but I'm not confident with the technical terminology. I need to write about the imaging method, but I don't know how to write it. I want to start a new research including diagnostic radiology, but I don't know the appropriate method.


An expert radiologist will take care of your concerns about diagnostic radiology research
Presentations and papers

Selection of appropriate figures, addition of appropriate annotations and legends

Appropriate documents for diagnostic radiology research

Assistance for documents in presentations and papers, especially in imaging techniques

Imaging protocol design

Imaging protocol design at the beginning of diagnostic radiology research


Flow for diagnostic radiology research support
1. Enter the details for which you would like to be supported.

Please select "Apply here" and enter the details for which you would like to receive support. If you are using the service for the first time, please register as a new member and enter your customer information. If you have already registered, please "Log in". (The contents of your inquiry will be kept confidential)

2. Fill out & Upload the request form

Please describe the details of your request for assistance and other information on the request form.
Also, please upload the necessary information for your request.
(We may not be able to respond to your request if the information is insufficient.)

3. Contact from a diagnostic imaging specialist

A diagnostic imaging specialist will review your request and reply to you.
After reviewing your request, we will contact you to let you know whether we can accept your request or not.

4. Submit a quotation

A diagnostic imaging specialist will confirm what you would like assistance with and submit a quotation. If there is no problem, we will be officially in contract.

5. Start of diagnostic imaging support

We will sign a nondisclosure agreement and begin providing assistance.


Reference fee for diagnostic research support

  • Fee structure

    If online support is available for document preparation (only for technical description), figure and annotation preparation, etc., the fee is generally 100,000-200,000 yen (excluding tax) per paper. For protocol preparation and coordination, online services are available from 150,000/day (during the daytime only). For on-site services, the fee is 200,000/day plus travel expenses. In case of distant locations, travel time will be taken into account, so the setting may be 1.5 to 2 times higher, and lodging expenses may be added. Preliminary meetings with local Radiologists, radiographers, and manufacturer technicians will be included in the above fees.


Executive diagnostic radiologist

Career; 25+ years
Experience; A total of over 300,000 cases including CT, MRI, and PET-CT (including over 10,000 cases of PET-CT)
of all areas, mainly in remote radiology diagnosis.


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